Why Use FUNDS®?

Our simple three step process allows you to reach your goals without all the time, knowledge, and effort needed when trying to take on the funding process alone. This allows you to focus on what REALLY matters… building your business.

We’ve Got Your Back

1. Look

Credit Assessment
We start by doing a full credit assessment to find out what we are working with… Don’t let this scare you away. With tons of lenders and programs, there is almost always an option for funding.

2. Talk

Funding Planning Call
Next, we actually go over all the options to make sure that we have the absolute BEST chance at getting you funded. We may ask some weird questions (are you a plumber?) but we assure you that there is a method to the madness.

3. Fund

Funding Process
At this point, we have discussed your options, gone over any possible fees, and informed you of any obstacles we could face. Finally, we work with over 110 different lenders to find you the money you need.

We aren’t just guessing…

Our proprietary FUNDS® system uses a mathematical algorithm to give a percentage likelihood of approval down to 1/100th of a percent with over 100 different lenders. If there is money to be found… we will find it.

Protect Your Credit

Many funding companies will not be honest about the fact that you could see some negative impact to your credit report during the funding process. Not only will we be honest, we will go over how we limit that impact with our proprietary funding system.

Expert Analysis

Maximize Funding

Think about this… We are only paid if we are able to successfully get you access to funding. That means, as long as it is legal, moral, and ethical, we will stop at nothing to get you the funding you need to reach your goals.

No Funding? No Fee!

Reach Your Goals

Our program helps fund an average of $1,000,000 each month to people just like you. People looking to improve their lives by learning to invest, to create more options to buy properties or assets, or just starting their own new business. Thousands of people that knew that sometimes, taking a chance is all it takes to make a better life.

What is your dream?

What is the FUNDS® System?

The FUNDS® system stands for Funding Underwriting Notification and Decisioning System. It is our proprietary software that tracks the lending trends of over 100 different lenders… But that’s not all it can do. It’s also the system that allows you access to our funding coaches, safe and secure log in, and a fast and easy way to stay informed about your approvals.

What are you waiting for?

It takes only few minutes to register for a funding assessment and be on your way to more access to capital. And best of all… it’s FREE!

We Are Here To Help You Reach Your Goals

Our company is a leading provider of technology based funding services backed by industry leading technology and security. Our clients range from college students to wealthy seasoned investors. No matter who you are, where are you from, or what your budget is, we have funding solutions to fit the needs of your growing company or your growing family.
The assessment is free and you only pay for success… You can’t go wrong.